At Avenue X station on the F line, six original and unique ink drawings in laminated glass were installed in platform windscreens to greet daily commuters and passersby, where they can be enjoyed from both up-close and from street level. Created by NYC-based Derek Lerner and fabricated by Depp Glass, the permanent public artwork plays with the idea of macro and micro scale, an essential visual language in the artist’s practice. Each unique drawing takes reference from the geographic location of the station as well as its cartographic relation to the city’s transportation network. For example, the path the F train takes through the city and its many stops, satellite imagery, maps, and other locations specific to the Avenue X station, were the artist’s starting points. The lyrical and intricately drawn AVEX1-6(station) is an allusion to mass transit as the circulatory system for the city and conveys an ever-changing, diverse and evolving metropolis. As artworks, the piercing blue and white drawings bring visual interest to the experience of this station in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Click each for more images and videos.